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art. 386
Easily removes mould, fungal infestation and mould stains. Innovative gel formula with long-lasting effect and deep penetration. Chlorine free and odourless, therefore particularly suitable for bedrooms and children's rooms. Disinficts and protects. Removes mould from wallpaper, plaster, masonry, stone, wood, ceramic surfaces, plastic, textiles and leather.
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art. 387
Powerfully and lastingly destroys all kinds of mould. Permanently eliminates fungi, mould stains and bacteria. Bleaches, disinfects and protects. With immediate effect. For all washable surfaces in residential buildings; particularly in the sanitary area, sauna and swimming pool.

Use protective and disinfection agents safely. Before use, always read the labelling and the product information.
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art. 384
Lasting protection against mould, fungi, algae and moss in problem areas with unfavourable humidity conditions and thermal bridging. Protects against the formation of new mildew. Odourless and therefore suitable for living room, bedroom and children's rooms. For walls with wallpaper, paint, tiles and masonry. Use protective and disinfection agents safely. Before use, always read the labelling and the product information.
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art. 383
Concentrate. Self-acting - removes algae and green layers and protects against reinfestation. For all exterior surfaces of stone, wood, glass, concrete and ceramics. For patios, driveways, house facades, pavements, roofs, fences, roof tiles and roofing felt, paving stones, clinker bricks and flag stones, terracotta, etc.

Use protective and disinfection agents safely. Before use, always read the labelling and the product information.
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art. 477

- Without smell
- 2 in 1 - removes and prevents new plaque
- For stone, wood, plastic, tiles, glass, etc.
For independent and effective removal of moss and green deposits. Prevents subsequent appearance.
art. 478

- Ready to use
- Highly active
- For cleaning plaque, deposits, plant stains
For intensive and thorough cleaning of stubborn dirt, dark and green deposits, deposits, as well as stains from plants or leaves. It works quickly and the effect is immediately visible.
- Additional protection for the surface of the mold
- Resistant to weather conditions
- Consumption of 250 ml / m²
- Strengthens the porous sand and chalk base
- For interior and exterior
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White, water-resistant bonding agents for mass alignment, filling and repairs surfaces exposed to mold.

It is used to repair walls and ceilings subject to mold, in a residential area and in areas with high humidity.

- Filler protects against mold moldy biotsidnyh without additional additives.
- Freezes even on surfaces with residual moisture.
- Resistant to weathering and water resistant - water vapor passes
- High strength
- Can be processed for 3-4 hours
- Pricelist: 1.2 kg of powder per 1 m² with a layer thickness of 1 mm
- Shelf life of 36 months. from date of manufacture
White, a special blocking paint surfaces exposed to mold. Primenima also nA grounds with residual moisture.

After drying, prevents the release of moisture from the treated surface and thus protects the painted surface of the mold without the formation of a new biocide additives.

- Matt white
- Protects against moisture
- For interior and exterior
- The content of cement
- Prevents mold without biocide additives
- Consumption: approx. 300 ml / m²
- Shelf life of at least 48 months. from date of manufacture
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White, good opacity, matte, especially for the protection of surfaces exposed to the appearance of mold, mildew and green flying indoors. The protective coating of long-term action.

- matt
- For all mineral substrates
- white
- Can be tinted
- Flow rate: 150-200 ml / m²
- frost
- Term Storage at least 36 months from date of manufacture
750 ml
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2.5 l
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